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Arno Wartewig

Arno Wartewig

Position Consultant. Founder of Orance BV

About Experience: founder installation company B&W Installations and board Member light company Hortilux Schréder. Greenhouse experience since 1993, specialization Innovation, Business Strategy, Sparring partner & Asset management. Hobbies: Tennis, football, running

Phone +31 (0)6 55 733 416

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René van der Sar

René van der Sar

Positon Consultant, Operations, & Finance. Founder of Orance BV

About Experience: management team Horti installation company Arend-Sosef and light company Hortilux Schréder. Horticulture genes, specialization engineering, analyses, technical advice & project management. Hobbies: Sailing, gardening, all new gadgets

Phone +31 (0)6 52 381 201

Email Rene @

Orchan Koeleijv

Orchan Koeleijv

Position Consultant

About Experience: International Sales Manager company Hortilux Schréder. Over 10 years experience in International Sales, Greenhouse experience since 2015. Specialization International Sales, Business Strategy, Multicultural, Multilingual. Hobbies: Running, swimming, reading

Phone +31 (0)6 81 318 241

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Nora van den Berg

Nora van den Berg

Position Engineer


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